Monday, October 18, 2010

Resident's Letter To Editor Against Eachus

This letter proves the right message is making it through Camp Eachus's bogus claims.


My life has been dedicated to upholding the law. In additon to being the former mayor of Boonton, NJ, I was with the Morris County, N.J., Sheriff's Department for 24 years and spent 10 years as a constable for the Superior Court of The State of New Jersey, prior to moving to this area many years ago.

I've always been passionate about issues that impact the area in which I have resided and, as such, have been closely following the race for state representative between 14-year-incumbent Todd Eachus and attorney Tarah Toohil.

So, let me get this straight. Eachus has not answered the Bonusgate questions; Eachus has not agreed to a debate; Eachus has not returned the campaign contributions he accepted from admitted felon Bob Powell. What has he done? He has raised taxes repeatedly; he has watched our area plunge into the depths of joblessness and increased violent crimes; and he has made false statements to our community.

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting attorney Tarah Toohil when she was first running for this office. In my conversation, I learned she was never asked to run for the position. Just the opposite. She informed the Republicans she was running for the office. They were going to have to accept the fact that she was going after this seat. It's not her style to ask permission of anyone, including any "political party bosses," contrary to Mr. Eachus' false assertions in flyers.

Furthermore, Mr. Eachus claims now that attorney Toohil was hired by now disgraced Judge Mark Ciavarella. This is beyond a stretch of truth! It's a flat-out lie! Toohil was a law clerk at the courthouse and all people who clerk at the courthouse must be signed off on by the president judge at the time. And at the time, Chivarella was president judge. And if someone named Joe Blow were president judge at the time, that person would have signed off on her. She was not "hired" by anyone. She was approved for a position based upon her merits and abilities - not any patronage.

Seems Mr. Eachus wants to claim anyone who ever stepped foot in that courthouse as corrupt. So, none of us better go there to renew our passports or we will be facing similar false allegations from our elected official.

And what makes this even worse is that our area was hit by a horrible armed robbery at the Laurel Mall yesterday. Mr. Eachus should be talking about plans to reduce crime in our area, not running around like a chicken with his head cut off (yes, I said the chicken word) trying to spread false assertions for his own political self-interest.

So, Eachus, buries over $16 million for the cargo airport into a state gaming bill; he does not give us property tax reliefwe were promised in exchange for table games; he takes money from felons; he uses per diems to pay off a second home he bought with our taxpayer dollars; and he has the nerve to claim others are tied to corruption?

Seems to me, as someone who has years of experience in law enforcement, Eachus is walking a very slippery slope. In fact, I just think he fell on his feathery behind with this tactic.

Lou Masterbon
Butler Township

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