Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pennsylvania Democrats- Take Notice

As the great debate on healthcare reform winds its way through our Legislative Branch of the federal government potential political fallout is already on the nuclear horizon.

On Dancer, On Prancer, On Daschle, On Reid. Looks like Senator Harry Reid may suffer the same fate as his predecessor, Tom Daschle according to Stephen Clark at FoxNews. Tom "The Dancing Bug" Daschle should have made it to "On Dancer With The Stars". Instead it was a Delay by Tom that beat him to the punch.

Reid is trailing two GOP candidates in next year's Senate race and the Democratic-sponsored health care bill could determine whether he stays in power or suffers the same stunning fate as his predecessor, Tom Daschle, who failed to win re-election in South Dakota in 2004 despite being the Senate's top Democrat.

GOP candidate Danny Tarkanian, a former University of Nevada-Las Vegas basketball player and son of the legendary basketball coach, leads Reid 50 to 43 percent. GOP candidate Sue Lowden, former chairwoman of the Nevada Republican Party who officially launched her campaign Thursday, is beating Reid 50 to 40 percent, according to a recent poll by Rasmussen Reports.

"Any incumbent who polls below the 50% level is considered potentially vulnerable and Reid is clearly in that category," the report read.


Kanjorski, we're a coming for ya..Don't look so worried...And it won't stop there......If I were Kanjo resigning with dignity would be a much better path than Frank Fay and Dan Flood suffered. Ed Mitchell, sharpen that aren't as good as you once were.....The Obama Tsunami only happens once in a lifetime. If I were you guys start stock piling the cash..O"Brien is going to be formidable...He is hungry...Kanjo is Greedy...Seniors aren't getting a cost of living adjustment but Congress loved it 17% increase this year. And folks they are still getting next year, the year after..and on and on and on....

How come the local media isn't asking Kanjorski about this issue?? And why aren't they asking why a court administrator post gets $97,050.00 per year?? Then they wonder why they can't sell newspapers. Forget the liberal agenda. Taxpayers are subscribers...a free piece of advice.

Kanjorski is so out of touch with the his constituents he was captured saying $2 trillion dollars wasn't alot of money with his distinct air of condescension.

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