Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Healthcare Snafu For The Democrats

If you are a Republican these days radio talk show hosts like Kevin Lynn paint you with one eye on your forehead. Forget you could be a hard working Republican. Forget you can be a hard working Republican farmer who makes sure we are all fed by getting up at the pre-dawn hours. Forget you could be a blue collar Republican that is providing for your family. You are just plain bad because you are Republican.

Thank god the Democrats are to our rescue. Here is their latest brainstorm for healthcare reform. We will have to pay before we will see any benefits. That concept is not so foreign. Most of us have to pay our premium before the benefit is valid for the next month. Did I say month?

Obama and Company wants us to ante up three years ahead of time. Families will be required to get insurance whehter they can afford it or not. Isn't that why he started this process in the first place?

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