Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jack Panella- Where Were You When We Needed You?

Press Release from Republican Party of Pennsylvania:

October 28, 2009 Contact: Michael Barley
For Immediate Release (717) 234-4901

PA GOP: Jack Panella Ignored Luzerne County Judicial Misconduct Complaint

HARRISBURG – Republican Party of Pennsylvania Executive Director Luke Bernstein and Spokesman Michael Barley attended a press conference hosted by Luzerne County Republican Chairman Terry Casey to recount Jack Panella’s ties to the Luzerne County “Cash for Kids” judicial scandal.

“Jack Panella had an opportunity to stop Pennsylvania children from being harmed by corrupt judges in Luzerne County and he chose not to,” Bernstein said. “Panella was a member of the Judicial Conduct Board in 2006 when a complaint was filed against former Luzerne County Judge Michael Conahan and Panella and the Board chose not charge this corrupt judge. Those are the facts and they are indisputable!

“As a native of Luzerne County, I am outraged that Jack Panella and the Judicial Conduct Board had an opportunity to put an end to this scandal, but instead chose to ignore our children who were being unfairly punished in this ‘Cash for Kids’ scandal.”

According to the Judicial Conduct Board’s Mission Statement, “The Board investigates every allegation made against a Pennsylvania judge. Each complaint that is filed with the Board is thoroughly reviewed and analyzed by the staff as well as the twelve Board members. This procedure is an essential safeguard in the integrity of and public confidence in the judicial process.” (Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board Web Site,, Accessed 10/22/09)

Spokesman Michael Barley continued, “The Judicial Conduct Board’s Mission Statement leaves no doubt that Jack Panella saw the 2006 complaint that was filed against disgraced Luzerne County Judge Michael Conahan. If Panella didn’t see the complaint, then he wasn’t doing his job. Panella had an opportunity to protect innocent children in Luzerne County and he let down all of the Pennsylvanians who were counting on him to protect us from corrupt judges.

“Jack Panella failed Pennsylvania as the biggest case of judicial misconduct in our nation’s history was taking place right under his nose and now he wants a promotion he doesn’t deserve. I urge anyone concerned with real judicial reform to join me in voting for Judge Joan Orie Melvin for Supreme Court on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009.”

Maybe my buddy Gort will rethink his assessment.

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