Friday, October 23, 2009

Tom Gabos- Who Is Lying????


In his latest political commercial Tom Gabos, running for re-election on Hazleton City Council, tries to turn the tide on his opponents by stating there are lies in their commercial.

His first response is that he didn't use his political influence to get himself a job in the Hazleton Area School District. He stated he worked for the district long before he got his job. Let's examine his statement.

Here is the agenda for the Hazleton Area School Board dated April 23, 2009.

Hazleton Area School District
Regular Board Meeting Agenda
6:30 P.M., Thursday, April 23, 2009

Page 12

Substitutes for Board Approval April 23, 2009

Substitutes - Maintenance Dept.
Gabos, Thomas

Next is the Agenda of the Hazleton Area School District for September 24, 2009

Hazleton Area School District
Regular Board Meeting Agenda
6:30 P.M., Thursday, September 24, 2009

Page 2

14- Recommend Board appoint the following maintenance positions:
(Salary as per Teamsters Agreement)
* Hazleton El/Middle School- Thomas Gabos

Tom, now let's be honest. Stating you were "working" for the HASD is not the same as being "employed" by the Hazleton Area School District. You are in the fourth year of your term. Seems the date of your employment is AFTER you were elected Councilman.

Tom's next claim is that he didn't vote against funding for the police department. He claims his vote against the budget was because it didn't provide for enough police.

Are you the same Tom Gabos who, back in August, asked the question "Where's promised dredge money?" The first sentence in your editorial states "Why do we have to lay off police?" Tom, you weren't paying attention during your term. You hired how many police??? Oh, you wouldn't know the answer to that because you weren't paying attention. Then you make the assertion, There are still fewer police in Hazleton than there were when Barletta took office.

Do you remember Councilwoman Graham's reply to your ridiculous questions?

You complain, Tom, that "there are fewer police in Hazleton than when Barletta took office" but you don't say where you have found the money to pay them. Do you not remember that the police were hired with federal money that expired after three years?

Then you answer your own question by stating the money for dredge was used to hire new police officers. No matter what the reason for the lack of enough new police officers hired with money from the dredge project.

The one charge mentioned in the commercial against you that you failed to address was your lack of solutions. Now we are back to running on your record. There is none. Your re-election bid is why you earned the title "Puxatawney Tom." You only come out every once in four years.


Anonymous said...

Get real! Political Influence for a job as a maintence man! The school district should thank Gabos' up and down for taking this job, at least they have a qualified ELECTICIAN on staff! Thank God for small favors! At least as parents we will feel better about any electrical work Gabos does, we won't have to be worried about unskilled maintence people doing work they are not truly qualified for!

McGruff said...

Not one job but two jobs, don't forget his wife's job. And that IS REAL.

Unskilled people performing work. Are you making the charge that the Hazleton Area School District is unsafe for children to be in the buildings due to unlicensed work?? Surely you jest.

McGruff said...

Gabos was against the Hazleton Creek project that brought in $2 million to Hazleton that allowed the hiring of 9 police officers. If he had his way we would be 9 police short and out $2 million dollars. And HE wants to complain about a deficit???

McGruff said...

I guess the bio is no more telling than your ISP with an address of Drums..If you bothered to notice the figure had been corrected and noted...

You really shouldn't worry about me...I hear your friend Tom in Harrisburg has a file waiting for someone.

I also know that it won't only be Republicans this you intimidate all you want..

Just remeber I have a log of your comments tied to your ISP which is tied to Drums, Pennsylvania.

McGruff said...

You should also look up federal housing law..doesn't matter if HHA was authorized under Municipal Authorities maybe you should worry about the glass house

McGruff said...

Isn't it neat how I don't post your comment but know where you posted it.

McGruff said...

Welcome back 8:12 to 8:18...did you watch football from 12:23 til now...

McGruff said...

Ohh..and one more thing...clicking on all the other comments does not confuse us.

McGruff said...

BTW what does it matter who owns the blog or who writes it?? Do you want to know so you can intimidate some more? At what point should we consider your communications harassment??? Just food for thought.

McGruff said...

If you really want to follow the's a should turn off the update feature...and quit leaving tracess...9:01-9:03, 12:23, and 8:12- 9:13....just a hint on your quest...