Friday, October 16, 2009

Eachus Testimony To Interbranch Commission on Juvenile Justice

Sometimes it doesn't take words to tell the story a picture can answer all the questions.

From Terri Morgan-Beceker's story that appeared in the Times Leader. Here are the words of Todd Eachus during his testimony asking HOW?

It is heartbreaking to know that my county is now nationally known for a public corruption scandal that used thousands of children as pawns in a judicial kickback scheme.

This “kids for cash” scandal, as it has come to be known, has devastated the lives of these young victims, and left our entire community wondering how this could have happened.
Yes, we want to know WHY these two judges misused their power and abused the system for their own gain.

Yes, we want to know WHY thousands of juvenile defendants were denied their constitutional right to counsel.

And Yes, we want to know WHY so many children were sent to a juvenile detention center for what, in many cases, were minor offenses.

The WHY is important.

But it is also important that we ask HOW.

HOW were these two rogue judges able to manipulate the system for their own selfish ends?

HOW were they able, for so long, to deny the basic constitutional rights for so many juvenile defendants?

HOW did no one know these abuses were occurring?

In short, HOW could this have happened?

Todd, how are you standing next to one of the participants and didn't know HOW?

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