Saturday, October 3, 2009

HASD- Are You Paying Attention To What Has Happened In Luzerne County?

This story concerns a recent controversy over the hiring of a high level admininstrator by the Hazleton Area School Board. The name of the person hired is not important for the relevant point of the article.

Minority board member Sean Shamany lambasted school board President Brian Earley and majority directors Elaine Curry, Robert Childs, Carmella Yenkevich and Steve Hahn for continuously preaching the importance of following hiring policies but opting to suspend the policy at their convenience.

(Shamany) took issue with an appointment-related recommendation to "temporarily suspend the district's hiring policy" so the board could elevate the former Heights-Terrace Elementary/Middle School principal from acting to permanent deputy superintendent..

The recommendation for suspending the policy passed 5-4, with Childs, Curry, Hahn, Yenkevich and Earley voting "yes" and Shamany voting "no" with board members Tony Bonomo, Paulette Platukis and Jack Shema.

In voting to suspend policy it appears to be no different than violating your policy.  The policy is the policy and that is why it was enacted.  It appears the policy was in their way so they voted to push it aside.

It was policy in Luzerne County to seek bids when purchasing. Over time that policy was suspended. From recent events it appears the FBI made them revisit that policy through a slew of indictments.

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