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In a statement on his political website Paul Kanjorski blasts Lou Bareltta about the economic crisis?

So the next question is why didn't you do anything about the crisis, Paul? The financial sector collapse which your committee provides overshight led to the largest recession since the Great Depression. The financial stimulus has been a dismal failure. Ask car dealers about their sales since the end of Cash For Clunkers. Actually Cash For Clunkers would be an appropriate name for Congress at this point.

Paul, you rolled the dice becuase you thought we would be in recovery by now. Where's immigration reform? Where's healthcare reform? How come Congress voted itself a 6% budget increase while the Obama Administration denies veterans and senior citizens a cost of living increase for the next two years?

Sadly, it's Republicans who are rushing to get bills that will give an emergency COLA that might allow about $400 bucks for 2010.

Look at this article from the Dallas Veterans Administration Examiner. Have you had enough yet? Now, Obama cuts pension to WWII Veterans.

First, in March of this year, the Obama Administration proposed a bill that would authorize the VA to bill private health insurance companies for the treatment provided to veterans with regard to service related injuries. The White House claims the bill would save the VA over $500 million per year, but it would have a negative impact on veterans, and their families, who rely on the VA for their health care needs.

Second, the Obama Administration continues to refuse to exempt veterans who utilize the Veterans Health Care System for their health care needs, from taxes and fees associated with the proposed Health Care bills. Rep. Steve Buyer (R-Ind) continues to push for the protection of veterans.

Then there is the 2010 Cost of Living Allowance. On September 14, Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC3) proposed legislation that would give Social Security a COLA increase for 2010, although the CPI-W remains at 0. No word yet (unless I have missed it) if veterans will be getting the same increase, should the proposal pass.

“He believes that in today’s tough economic times we need a Congressman who has a record of fighting for veterans’ benefits, protecting Social Security and Medicare for seniors and pushing for job creation and affordable health care for all working families.- Ed Mitchell On Paul Kanjorski Sure doesn't sound like someone was pitching for the veterans or the seniors.

Is this the change we asked for? Are your taxes cut? According to this articleObama wants to raise them. When it was in his best interests Kanjorski was the one claiming he and Obama are the right team.

I don't think there is anyone who's has benefited more from Paul Kanjorski's seniority than Paul Kanjorski and his family- Corey O'Brien, Democratic Candidate For 11th Congresional District on Paul Kanjorski WILK Interview 10/05/2009

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