Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tom Gabos Please Explain Your Income And Residency

According to documents on file at Hazleton City Hall Gabos Electric aka succesful businessman Tom Gabos and Peach Entrprises aka succesful businessman Tom Gabos have remitted a total of $3.00 to the City of Hazleton as mercantile tax since 2003.

In Gort's interview with Mayor Barletta last December the Mayor indicated a need to go after businesses that do not pay their mercantile tax.

In a search of the Luzerne County Courthouse Recorder of Deeds Office records indicate that Tom Gabos and his wife, Gale Zelenack, filed a deed for the purchase of their building located 105-107 East Broad Street. The deed was prepared by John P. Rodgers, Esquire and dated May 14, 2008.

The records also show a mortgage for the same property between Gabos and his wife, Gale, with the First National Bank of Pennsylvania with an address of One FNB Blvd, Hermitage, PA. 16148. The date of the mortgage is May 14, 2008. Interestingly, Tom Gabos and his wife, Gale M. Zelenack list their mailing address as 14 Airport Road Hazleton, PA. 18202. In the body of the mortgage Thomas S. Gabos lists his address as 14 Airport Road, Hazleton, PA. 18202 which is actually located in Sugarloaf Township and Gale M. Zelenack lists her address as 107 Fox Hollow Drive, Drums, Pa. 18222. According to other records Gale M. Zelenack sold her home located at the Drums address on February 9, 2007.

The amount of the mortgage was $90,000.00.

There is an Assignment of Rents document dated May 14, 2008 between Gabos, Zelenack, and FNBP listing the same addresses of 14 Airport Road Hazleton, PA. 18202 and 107 Fox Hollow Drive, Drums, Pa. 18222.

On the deed Thomas S. Gabos and Gale M. Zelenack list their address as 907 Lincoln Street, Hazleton, PA. 18201.

On July 6, 2006 Grantor Thomas Gabos deeded his property located in Sugarloaf Township to Grantees Thomas Gabos and Gale Rae M. Zelenack for the sum of One dollar. In Book 3006 on page 177642 located in the Recorder of Deeds office the following is noted for Certificate of Residence. I hereby certify the the precise address of the Grantee(s) herein is: 14 Airport Road, Hazleton, PA. 18202. It is notarized by Ann Fagan, Sugarloaf Township, Luzerne County. The Grantees are Thomas Gabos and Gale Rae M. Zelenack.

Here's the questions for you Thomas. Did you live outside of Hazleton for a period of time where you may have been required to resign your City Council seat over the residency requirement? Since you only paid $3.00 in mercantile tax what income did you produce to secure a mortgage for $90,000.00? Are you maintaining three properties, 907 Lincoln Street, Hazleton, 14 Airport Road, Hazleton, and 105-107 East Broad Street, Hazleton with that income? 

The voters deserve an explanation in light of the fact that the Greater Hazleton Historical Society claims it paid Gabos Electrical, Inc. $3,371.00 for the year ended April 30, 2006.

For legal reasons it should also be noted that Thomas Gabos and Gale Rae Margaret Zelenack were issued a marriage license on November 23, 2008 and were married before District Magistrate Joseph Zola on December 10, 2008. References to Gale being his wife in this post indicate the present status not the status at the time of the deeds. The documents are attached to the deeds.

Note: There has been a correction made to this post.

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