Friday, October 16, 2009

PA GOP: Luzerne County Dems Up To Same Old Tricks

Copy of press release received today.

October 16, 2009 Contact: Michael Barley

For Immediate Release (717) 234-4901

PA GOP: Luzerne County Dems Up To Same Old Tricks

Luzerne County Commissioner Maryanne Petrilla Working To Rig Election For Corrupt Democrat Machine

HARRISBURG – Republican Party of Pennsylvania Spokesman Michael Barley questioned Luzerne County Commissioner Maryanne Petrilla’s recent actions and comments regarding Luzerne County’s attempts to rig the election for the corrupt Democrat Party and its candidates on November 3rd.

“It’s no surprise that Commissioner Petrilla is willing to protect the entrenched Democrat machine in Luzerne County,” Barley said. “This is the same former Democrat Controller who failed to raise any red flags regarding the web of corruption that has surrounded the Luzerne County government. It was, after all, under Maryanne Petrilla’s watch that debit cards were being misused and no-bid contracts were being handed out as political favors. Frankly, her inability to report these glaring problems with our county government while serving as an elected official make her incompetent at best.

“Like the rest of the Democrat leaders, it seems that Maryanne Petrilla would rather ‘play along to get along’ then put actually serve the people of Luzerne County. Just look at how cozy Maryanne Petrilla is with Tina Gartley, a candidate who has been hand-picked by the entrenched Luzerne County Democrat machine to help them maintain the culture of corruption in Luzerne County.

“It’s time for Commissioner Maryanne Petrilla and the rest of the Democrat cronies to finally accept responsibility for their questionable actions.”

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