Thursday, October 22, 2009

Perzel Next To Visit Grand Jury- Maybe

As the saga of Bonusgate reached its 1,000th day the sun started to emerge from behind the cloud that only Democrats were going to be charged in the investigation. Its always good to have a friend or two on the inside. In the very near future look for action against the Republicans. But, a warning for the Democrats, the division looking into your irregularities did not pack up and go home. They are as active as ever.

The media reports trying to second guess Tom Corbett's investigation have all been unsubstantiated hype. AG Corbet has said and did give this investigation a high priority. But the public wants action. Its the old story about the young bull and the old bull on top of the hill. The young bull wants to hurry down the hill and have his way with but one. The old bull says take your time and we can have them all.

Today's announcement on reveals the culmination of countless overtime hours spent on this investigation.

Prosecutors have offered Rep. John M. Perzel of Philadelphia, the former speaker of the Pennsylvania House, a chance to testify before the so-called Bonusgate grand jury in what lawyers say is a sign that criminal charges may soon be filed against him.

Perzel's former chief of staff, Brian Preski, and as many as 10 other current and former House Republican aides have received similar letters, according to lawyers with knowledge of the investigation.

Perzel, 59, could not be reached for comment yesterday. In the past he has said he did nothing improper with the state money that is at the center of the investigation.

The letters from prosecutors, received within the last two weeks, are the clearest indication yet that state Attorney General Tom Corbett, a Republican gubernatorial candidate, is contemplating criminal charges against members of his own party in the sweeping probe known as Bonusgate.

The letters from prosecutors in Corbett's office invite Perzel and the other recipients to testify Monday before the grand jury. The letters say such testimony would be voluntary and given without a grant of immunity.

Experts say such letters from state authorities are akin to the "target letters" that federal prosecutors often use to advise people that they are likely to face criminal charges.

If you are a fan of Bonusgate take this statement to the bank. Bonusgate will go on long after Tom Corbett becomes Governor of Pennsylvania. So, make some popcorn, order a Big Gulp, and enjoy the movie. What you have seen up to now have been the previews, no rating necessary.

Oh, and for those who ask why a conservative blogger would write about Republicans realize that as leaders we must face the music like everyone else. Public trust is the number one priority. If we demonstrate that we are committed to the taxpayer loyalty will follow.

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