Friday, October 23, 2009

Tom Gabos- If You Are Really Concerned About Police, Give Up Health Insurance

According to documents in Hazleton City Hall Councilman Tom Gabos has been receiving health insurance paid by the City of Hazleton despite owning two businesses, Peach Enterprises(aka Gabos Electric according to a media report) and Classic-Cade. His recent political commercial states he voted NO on the budget for Hazleton because it didn't fund enough for the police force. Forget that the budget DID fund a police force; that wasn't enough motivation for him despite his "reports" of prostitution.

Gabos should take a lesson from the Kansas City police force. In this report police in Kansas City, Kansas have agreed to take a pay cut to save jobs.

Tom Gabos, why didn't you agree to forgo health insurance paid by the citizens of Hazleton to help pay for more police? Don't tell us that the council pay is not enough; don't tell us that your electrician business is not enough; don't tell us that the part time work for the Greater Hazleton Historical Society is not enough; don' t tell us that Classic-Cade does not make enough; don't tell us that the full time job with the Hazleton Area School District is not enough. That is just plain wrong.

Tom, a lesson about business. There is a risk.. Are you asking the citizens of Hazleton to help in your risk of business by paying for your health insurance when others who start a business accept full risk?

Only you and one other council person receive health insurance paid by the citizens of Hazleton. Yet your political commercial chides two other council persons who DO NOT receive health insurance paid by the taxpayers. Wagging the dog won't fool everyone.

Are you double dipping when you ask the same set of taxpayers to fund your job on City Council and pay for your wages as a a maintenance person for the Hazleton Area School District? How many times are you going to reach into their pocket?


Anonymous said...

Jack Mundie should give up his HEALTH Insurance that the city pays for too! Maybe the Mayor should foot his own tab too! Hey the city used to give Monticello cash for his wife's part of the plan, remember she worked for the school district too!!!Maybe the GRAHAM FOUNDATION can foot the bill for the WHOLE POLICE DEPT.'s Insurance? Not a bad use of a non-profit foundations funds!

Anonymous said...

If Kansas city police force took a pay cut to save jobs, why can't our police?

McGruff said...

Why would the Graham Foundation fund a contractually agreed benefit owed to the police force? Maybe you should start a drive to raise money for more police.

Are you aware of the management benefits in the city?

Your accusations and statements are reckless.

Why should our police take a pay cut? Ride along in a patrol car one day. You will take back that statement in a heartbeat.