Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kanjorski Is Out Of Touch

In today's Standard Speaker Paul Kanjorski wants to remind Americans that the Democrats should be proud of what they accomplished.

"First, and foremost, when I say Democrats, stand up tall, be proud. My God, the Democratic Party did everything that was good for this country and good for the working individuals of this country, and good for the middle class of this country. We have nothing to apologize for."

"You know why I'm charged up?" Kanjorski said in an interview later. "Because I think it is one of the most definitive elections in our lifetime. And that's why I'm in it. Because I think we can't afford to make the mistake of going in the wrong direction. And all of these people who are talking about going in another direction, they're (like) pre-Franklin Roosevelt people."

Evidently this chart is what he means.

"They want to go back to when Wall Street billionaires or millionaires controlled this country and their kids could just slosh around, didn't have to work, didn't have to produce and they were guaranteed their membership at the country club and their membership at the yacht club," Kanjorski said. "I don't believe in that. I believe in a merit society.

Paul, are you talking about the firms that gave you $4 million in political contributions? Paul, are you talking about the people who had American working?

This statement by Kanjorski is going to resonate over the next few days.

"The fight's not about the damn mosque in New York," he tells the Democrats at Waldorf Park. "All of us are annoyed at the fact that ... they want to build that mosque, but it's not going to have an effect on our lives.

Kanjo, you tell that to these people.

I feel sorry for you. When you are used to this it is hard to remember the sacrifices I guess.

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