Sunday, September 12, 2010

How Does The Media Let Eachus Spokesman Get Away With His Comments

Back in 2009 Eachus Spokesman Brett Marcy made this statement to the press about Todd Eachus and Bonusgate.

HDC spokesman Brett Marcy said Eachus was not among the legislators who testified before the grand jury, nor was he interviewed by any law enforcement officials regarding the Bonusgate case.

In the very same article Todd Eachus had this to say.

Eachus wanted to make it clear that the subpoenas were not served by the attorney general or any law enforcement agency, but by the defense. He said he and current HDC staff have “cooperated fully” with the attorney general’s investigation.

On Decembere 4, 2009 Dennis B. Roddy and Tom Barnes of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote this article, House leadership invited to testify to grand jury.

HARRISBURG -- A statewide grand jury has invited the state House majority leader, the man he displaced in that job and the state secretary of revenue to appear before the panel, a move that has presaged charges against others who received such letters in an ongoing corruption probe.

The letters went to State Rep. Todd Eachus, D-Luzerne, the House majority leader; State Rep. H. William DeWeese, D-Greene, who served as majority leader until Mr. Eachus succeeded him in a caucus shakeup; and Revenue Secretary Stephen Stetler, a former eight-term Democratic House member from York.

Eachus never testified. So let's get this straight. Eachus makes the claim he fully cooperated but his spokesman says Eachus was not among the legislators who testified before the grand jury, nor was he interviewed by any law enforcement officials regarding the Bonusgate case.

The deception doesn't stop there. Statements are being made about Michael Manzo, admitted participant in the Bonusgate proceedings.

In February, 2010 Fox News 43 out of York ran this story.

HARRISBURG - The former chief of staff to the House Democratic floor leader testified Monday that none of the people who were given bonuses out of state funds for working on campaigns ever turned down or returned the money.

Mike Manzo spent a fifth day on the stand in the theft, conspiracy and conflict-of-interest trial of former Democratic Whip Mike Veon and three of his ex-aides.

Manzo also told the jury he never asked any of the caucus lawyers directly about the legality of handing out cash rewards from the state treasury for election efforts.

"I knew what the answer would be," said Manzo, who previously testified that he knew what he was doing was wrong.

There were months when 90 percent of his e-mails concerned campaigns, Manzo said.

He said he has run his own public relations and communications company, Hurzo LLC, for about a year.

"I still design strategies for folks who work in the House," Manzo said.

Brett Marcy, a spokesman for current House Democratic Leader Todd Eachus, said Manzo has not been doing work for the caucus and is not being paid by the caucus.

That isn't what Michael Manzo said Mr. Marcy. He said he worked for folks who work in the House. However, Michael Manzo was former chief of staff for the House Democratic Caucus.

So we have a spokesman who states Eachus was never approached by law enforcement but Eachus stating he fully cooperated. We have a former chief of staff testifying about his role in Bonusgate but a spokesman stating he doesn't work for the Caucus now.

Keep the count. Brett Marcy is the spokesman for Eachus as Majority Leader. David Georges is his campaign spokesman. In this article we have a new spokesman for the House Majority Leader, Bill Thomas.

Three people need to tell us what Todd Eachus has to say. But the one person, Attorney General Tom Corbett, who asked Eachus to speak for himself was met with silence.

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