Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's Time For Eachus To Answer To His Constituents

In today's Standard Speaker the following Letter To The Editor appeared from Tiffany Cloud, local resident and an Eachus constituent.

Eachus should answer Toohil's questions
Published: September 18, 2010


Candidate Tarah Toohil provided State Rep. Todd Eachus a deadline of 5 p.m. Sept. 9 to answer a series of questions related to Bonusgate and various investigations of misuse of legislative time and funding, as was reported in this newspaper.

A week has passed and Eachus has yet to answer those questions, and I feel it is his obligation to do so and, as his constituents, our absolute right to know. And all in the community should keep demanding Eachus respond to every single question until all they are answered to our satisfaction. This is not an election about him. It is an election about us, the people and we have rights to know the ethics and practices of those in office.

Apparently, not answering is a trend with Mr. Eachus. Ms. Toohil also sent him a certified mail request for a debate in early August and, an entire month later, no response.

So, why so mum? Why can't he answer the Bonusgate questions? And why is he so afraid to debate?

Granted, perhaps he's too busy paying off the mortgage of his Harrisburg home with per diems he took ($27K last year alone, in fact...on top of his salary) to answer questions and debate?

Or maybe he is too busy campaigning at events that are legislative events (such as his campaigning at the Senior Expo at the mall - he took an interview on Channel 13 at that event to discuss his opponent and the campaign.

But, as the man apparently keeps his campaign team working out of the same space as his legislative team in Hazleton, I suppose the concept of "separation" of legislation and campaigning has never quite registered with our state representative?

Answer Ms. Toohil's questions. Agree to a debate so your positions vs. Ms. Toohil's can be heard by all.

I'm really not asking for much. Just what I'd expect of any representative.

Tiffany Cloud,


Eachus had no problem self promoting on the parking decks for Hazleton's Intermodal Center. He should have told the public that project won on its own merits, not any influence from a legislator.

I truly believe that Mr. Eachus actually believes what he says. It's just that the rest of us don't trust him anymore.

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