Friday, September 3, 2010

Eachus Support For Cargo Airport

Back in June, 2007 Gort wrote a post about Todd Eachus inserting language in a transportation bill to secure $16.5 million in funding for the proposed fantasy cargo airport near Hazleton. Mistakenly my friend thought the gaming money was supposed to used for property tax relief.

Supporters of a proposed cargo airport in the Hazleton area are eyeing slots revenues to help pay for the $500 million project. State Rep. Todd Eachus, D-Butler Township, inserted a $16.5 million authorization for the cargo airport in a new House bill listing projects under the Pennsylvania Gaming Economic Development and Tourism Fund.

According to this Times Leader article in May 2008 by Jerry Lynott, Eachus also tried to secure $250 million in funding for the airport throught the issuance of state bonds which you and I would have had to pay back.

If this project was so worthy of such an effort why doesn't he back it today? Heck he was proud at one time to be associated with Robert Powell. He even took over $17,000.00 in contributions from the chap.

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