Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mitchell Wrong On Barletta Position Regading Social Security

In the 2008 race between Lou Barletta and Paul Kanjorski I wrote a post covering the misleading information that was coming from the Kanjorski camp about social security and privatization.

In today's Times Leader Bill O'Boyle's article points out that Mitchell and Kanjorski are bringing up that dead horse again.

The Lou Barletta campaign says U.S. Rep. Paul Kanjorski is once again lying about Barletta’s stance on Social Security, despite being caught doing so by an independent fact-checking organization two years ago.

Ed Mitchell, spokesman for the Kanjorski campaign, said the FactCheck report dealt with the 2008 campaign and not 2002.

“The real fact is in 2002 Lou Barletta came out for personal savings accounts, which is a privatization of Social Security,” Mitchell said. “He endorsed George Bush and ran on the GOP platform that supported privatization of Social Security. He held this position for six years until on May 27, 2008, he flip-flopped because he was getting so much political heat.

Here is the Lou Barletta For Congress political commercial from 2002 on the subject. It is found on the Libary of Congress website and now on Youtube. If you click on the Library of Congress link, click on Otober 28 then click on "Click to Enter Site" then click on "Have you seen the Barletta television commericals Click Here. Click on the one "I signed a pledge in a roomful of senior citizens that said I would not privatize Social Security."

This is the REAL FACT Mr. Mitchell.

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