Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Are Determined To Build Positive Name Recognition- Todd Eachus 1996

March, 1996 Campaign '96 Update- Todd Eachus Campaign Flyer

The House Democratic Campaign Committee has announced that a fund raising event has been scheduled for Todd Eachus in Harrisburg on April 4, 1996. State Representative Mike Veon, Chairman of HDCC and Democratic Minority Leader William DeWeese are prime sponsors of the event.

"Like the French Fleet at Yorktown, we will be there with all guns blazing", said DeWeese emphasizing the assistance Democrats plan to give challenger Todd Eachus to unseat Tom Stish.

"I am honored that the Democratic Leadership has taken such a public stand and concern about this race in the 116th District."

Jury convicts ex-Pa. lawmaker Mike Veon in public corruption trial- March 22, 2010

Former Pennsylvania House Speaker Bill DeWeese charged in Bonusgate scandal- December 15, 2009

Is that what Eachus meant by building Positive Name Recognition?

Is this what he meant by guns blazing?

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