Friday, September 10, 2010

Mr. Eachus Define Term Limits

In an August 1996 mailing Todd Eachus stated he was for term limits.

"Tom(Stish) is a career politician who has been on the public payroll throughout his career; first with the public school system and now with the State of Pennsylvania... I, on the other hand, believe in term limits. We should expect public service, not self service."

It is now 2010. I was just wondering what Mr. Eachus considered an appropriate time to keep his campaign promise. Mr. Eachus claims that Tom Stish was a career politician. Todd Eachus has been in office since 1996. Nuff said. One has to wonder how the teachers feel when Todd Eachus made it sound like something illegal to work in the public school system.

His reference to serving as a Congressional staff member including serving under Paul Kanjorski.

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