Thursday, September 30, 2010

Eachus's Office Space Doesn't Support Local Business

If you ride through downtown Hazleton you will notice the legislative and campaign offices of Todd Eachus in the same building. You will also see that Paul Kanjorski shares a campaign office with Eachus even though he continually bashes Hazleton which in essence attacks the morale of its residents. If you look closely at the picture you will see that no one is taking care of Kanjorski's signs. They are laying down out of view. Guess Kanjorski should take care of his own business before he slams others.

With the Kanjorski bashing one has to wonder why he located his campaign office in Hazleton. But this post is about Todd Eachus.

Eachus's legislative office used to be in the Broad Street Exchange located on the corner of Laurel and Broad Streets pictured below. The Broad Street Exchange was owned by the LOCAL non-profit entity, ARCH, until recently when it was turned over to Luzerne County.

He moved his legislative one block east into a building owned by Wills Development where one of the principals, William Joyce, is a financial supporter of his campaigns. Contract Number HDC01030309 has a term of February 03, 2009 to November 30, 2010 in the amount of $35,280.00. Williams Joyce is listed as a prinicipal in Wills Development Company, business entity 2939614, according to records on file at the Corporation Bureau of Pennsylvania. The address of the corporation is 9 North Main Street, Pittston, Pa. not located in Eachus's district.

Not only did Mr. Eachus take care of one of his donors, who is not a registered voter in his district, he leases his office equipment from BMC Desks, Etc., Contract Number HDC01040809, business entity 2893275. Its corporate offices are located at 320 East Gibson Street, Scranton, Pa. again NOT part of his district.

Out of all of the cities, towns, boroughs, and townships in Mr. Eachus's district he couldn't find one local business person to support with his rent or office equipment rental. If that isn't political patronage, nothing is.

Eachus's political flyers placate the voters by saying he supports jobs in our area. He supports one thing, his own agenda for his own benefit. Ask 120,000 seniors who don't have the PACE benefit he promised them.

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