Monday, September 20, 2010

How Much Is Too Much For A Legitimate Fundraiser?

This email was sent out to invite persons to a $5,000 per
Sponsor fundraiser for Todd Eachus. Forget the average Joe, how many small businesses could legitimately afford a ticket to this event? Fundraisers like this only fuel the distrust of the voters against legislators who lost their way in upholding that trust. If you are the average Joe this event will only set you back $1,000.00.

This fundraiser is not about the 116th district which Todd represents. SOP feeels people or organizations who pay this amount of money for a state representative fundraiser fall must be looking for a place in the front of the line for access to that legislator. Too bad for the average citizen.

Dan Onorato is campaigning on reform within the Pennsylvania Legislature. "Cut the size and cost of the Legislature, stop them from being able to raise their own pay, and term limits."

Fundraisers such as this one are designed to help the incumbent fight against such ideas and ultimately to work against the public interest. Tarah Toohil should campaign to the voters of the 116th and tell them she is not for sale.

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