Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mr. Kanjorski's Nut Comments About How Bad Hazleton Looks

In yesterday's Times Leader Congressman Paul Kanjorski went on the offense against his formidable opponent, Mayor Lou Barletta, after being "hit" with so many rights(points) he was begging for a left(bailout). Here is a comment that I want to specifically debunk as categorically untrue.

Kanjorski said he would be happy to answer any questions Barletta has, but only after Barletta tells him a few things. Kanjorski wants Barletta to tell him: Why Hazleton city looks “as bad as it does.” Well, Mr. Kanjorski get your answers ready because here are mine to your misguided point. By the way you are about to see pictures of Broad Street in Hazleton. Do you remember calling it Main Street? You must have confused yourself with the Kanjorski Center located on Main Street in Nanticoke.

All of the following pictures were taken on Saturday July 3, 2010 at between 8:30 and 9:30 in the morning. Click on each picture to get a larger view.

Downtown Hazleton

Does downtown Hazleton really look that bad? I have read how "dirty" the streets are in Hazleton. Do you see that in this picture?

Let's take a look at more of downtown Hazleton. Here's a picture of the Broad Street Exchange.
How dirty are the streets in this picture? Is the building that deplorable to support you assertion of how bad Hazleton looks? Congressman, when was the last time you visited the city you want to continue to represent?

Oh I'm only getting started. How about the Hayden Tower, a $9 plus million dollar project in downtown Hazleton that replaced old worn out buildings?

I can hear you now- "Boy does that look terrible." Let's see Paul, the Haydens spent $9 million and created many recurring permanent jobs. How did that "hopey changey" thing with Cornerstone Technologies work out for you? Again how are those streets looking folks?

Let's start going west on Broad Street leaving downtown proper. Here is a look at the J.J. Ferrara Center for the Performing Arts. Many venues are held here including Hispanic events that I personally attended.

The road work sign is part of the Broad Street Corridor project that is widening Broad Street from 15th Street in West Hazleton east through downtown Hazleton up to its conclusion past the Hazleton General Hospital which is featured in a picture later in this post. It is a $12 million dollar project. Imagine how bad Hazleton is going to look at its conclusion?

Now the onto the Hazleton Shopping Center

Looks terribly bad doesn't it Paul?

And the most recent tenant in the shopping center, the Mirakuya restaurant, opened by James Feng who also owns the Wilkes Barre location. I count about 15 people working in the restaurant, mostly Chinese. How's that false story that Barletta is chasing immigrants out of town working out?

Mirakuya Japanese Restuarant serves up more than just food on a plate from May 10, 2010

If you go one block off Broad Street you might stumble onto the Pine Street Neighborhood project that won numerous state and federal awards for design and being "Green".

Does this neighborhood make Hazleton look bad????

Travel to the Heights section of Hazleton to see the renovated Prestolite building that was a terrible eyesore. After millions invested by Manhattan developer Roger Soler look at the site now know as the Terrace Plaza. The Heritage Fresh Food Market is the anchor store employing dozens of workers.

And for those who keep referring to MinSec as a prison instead of a halfway house here is a picture of the Altamont Hotel, the location of the MinSec operation. Doesn't look like any prison I ever saw.

Now that's a prison but I guarantee its not located anywhere in the entire Hazleton area.

We are almost there. Here is a look at the Greater Hazleton Health Alliance Hospital and Kentucky Fried Chicken in the front of it on East Broad Street, another demonstration on how bad Hazleton looks.

Last but what I consider the most important sight on Broad Street is the recently constructed Fallen Soldier's Memorial located at the BPOE Elks facility 635 E. Broad Street. Readers, those are memorial bricks available for purchase to honor a veteran who may be a family member or friend. You can call the Elks at 454-3901 to make the arrangements.

I trust this web tour will put to rest the constant degradation of a community that is the pride of its residents. It isn't the nut with the camera, Paul, it is the nut making the statements in front of the camera, on radio, and in the press.


Joe said...

Do you have other pictures of Hazleton uploaded on a flicker or photobucket type site? Enjoyed the pictures.

Anonymous said...

How much money did the city of Hazleton pour into Terrace Plaza? I heard it is well over 300,000 and none of it was ever payed back.Good use of Gov. funding