Saturday, May 22, 2010

Democrat Brian Kelly Backs Lou Barletta In Congressional Race

Democrat Brian Kelly, a newcomer to politics, was defeated in his bid to win the Democratic nomination for U.S. Representative of the 11th Congressional district.

Actually Brian Kelly won his race in a different way. He had no money to speak of and didn't accept outside contributions. Despite accepting no outside contributions he garned 17 PERCENT of the Democratic vote. To those outside of politics that number is huge. It suprised the even most seasoned political observers. Kelly's showing mirrored the sentiment that sent Arlen Specter packing and out of Washington.

Mia Light of the Citizens Voice is reporting that Brian Kelly is throwing his support behind Lou Barletta for the fall matchup between Barletta and too longtime incumbent Paul Kanjorski.

"A Barletta victory in November is as close to a Kelly victory as we can get," Kelly said.

He said he would lend his support to the Republican because, "My father always said, 'Vote for the man' and Paul Kanjorski is not that man."

Barletta campaign spokesperson Vince Galko had this to say about Ed Mitchell's response to Kelly's announcement.

"Paul Kanjorski's campaign response is predictable. If you are not in bed with Wall Street bankers or if you haven't spent more than 20 years in Washington, you just don't matter to Paul Kanjorski," Galko said.

Kanjorski's campaign contributions detail a trail of allegiance to an industry despised by most in this country at the moment. Foreclosures continue and banks aren't lending money in any appreciable amount to help the economy rebound. Therefore jobs are still and will continue to be a problem for the forseeable future.

Kanjorski's failed ability with Sallie Mae and the loss of 2,500 jobs associated with his vote on healthcare reform only serve to compound the misery Americans experience.

According to the stimulus package that Kanjorski supported only brought 2.64 jobs to the 18702 Wilkes Barre zipcode so far. If one types in Hanover Township's 18706 zipcode the amount of jobs created so far is only 8.11. HOever Sallie Mae in Hanover Township is giving up 100 jobs. Paul Kanjorski please explain your rationale?

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