Saturday, May 1, 2010

Was Obama Talking About Paul Kanjorski's Supporters

Obama Calls for Support of Campaign Finance Reform Bill, Post Citizens-United Ruling

From ABC News

“We know how important this is,” Obama says in his weekly address, “We’ve all seen groups with benign-seeming names sponsoring television commercials that make accusations and assertions designed to influence the public debate and sway voters’ minds. Now, of course every organization has every right in this country to make their voices heard. But the American people also have the right to know when some group like “Citizens for a Better Future” is actually funded entirely by “Corporations for Weaker Oversight.”

Despite his claims Kanjorski has a history of introducing legislation to weaken oversight of the financial history, Ney-Kanjorski bill as one example.

Letting Predatory Lending Back Out of Its Cage: Officials Warn About Federal Bill
Officials Caution That Ney-Kanjorski Bill Would Roll Back State Protections

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