Monday, May 24, 2010

Signor Ferrari Reveals Himself

Anyone who is anyone in the blogosphere knows about the website. Today Signor Ferrari, a frequent contributor to the site revealed himself as Rep. Rick Taylor,  You may recall the fight between AG Tom Corbett and Casablancapa by issuance of a subpoena for records belonging to the site. Of course Corbett withdrew the subpoenas.

Not to entirely let Rick Taylor off the hook">here is some of his campaign statements.

We should have good government, devoted to public service rather than self-interest. So Rick, are you telling me you don't take per diems?

We should have representatives with our best interests at heart, who believe in quality schools, solutions for our seniors, and reasonable property taxes that don't place an unfair burden on homeowners. So Rick, did you know that we pay more Pennsylvania taxes since you were elected in 2006. How about that property tax relief we were promised?

From his campaign website:

I ran for State Representative to bring real change to Pennsylvania...from expanding affordable health care, to bringing professionalism and integrity back to state government and fighting to make college affordable, I'm proud of the progress we've made, but there's still work to be done. many Democrats have been arrested in connection with the misuse of taxpayer funds since you were elected? Is that your measurement of progress to bring integrety and professionalism back to state government?

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