Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kanjorski Spokesman’s Statement Raises Concerns About Eachus’ Ties to Bonusgate

Tara Toohil - Eachus Opponent 116th

Press Release From Tara Toohil

Party officials calling into question lawmakers ties to state scandal

Hazleton, PAYesterday, Ed Mitchell a well-respected and highly influential person in the Democrat Party raised the issue of a local lawmakers ties to the Bonusgate scandal which used tax dollars to pay for campaigns.

Mayor Tom Leighton of Wilkes-Barre is also raising this issue. It is important to note that the individual they have attacked is not the only one tied up in this scandal.

Tarah Toohil had this to say, “Representative Todd Eachus is neck deep in this mess. Mr. Eachus has been called before the Grand Jury to testify on Bonusgate and he has refused. Some of the staffers that have been implicated in the scandal were on his payroll and as Majority Leader he has oversight of how Democratic Caucus funds are spent. Congressman Kanjorski’s spokesman Ed Mitchell and Mayor Leighton have done a public service by raising the issue and I challenge Mr. Eachus to come clean on his connections to the Bonusgate scandal. High ranking members within Eachus’s own Party are asking for answers and he should do the right thing and appear before the Grand Jury and tell the truth.”

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