Sunday, May 9, 2010

Specter The Defector Found Out Joe Has Show

Back in February Senator Arlen Specter thought he would make a classy move and rudely interrupt Congressman Joseph Sestak who was speaking at the PA Progressive Summit 2010. You can watch the video here. The PA Progressive movement describes itself this way. The Summit, held in Harrisburg on January 29-30, 2010, was the largest non-partisan gathering of progressive activists ever assembled in Pennsylvania. More than 500 people came together from all over the state for the training.

The infamous SEIU and the AFL-CIO are the backbone of the organization. These so called activists are really union thugs as highlighted in this story with video, SEIU Thugs Beat Up Town Hall Protester. The thugs even snuck in the "Handicapped" door.

From the post: As we all know the SEIU has been Mr. Obama’s most staunch supporters. They also are the union that represents healthcare workers. So they have a very strong interest in the passage of Obama-care.

Oddly enough the (St Louis Dispatch) article from our watchdog media mentions none of this

When Senator Arlen Specter opened up his attack on Congressman Joe Sestak, his opponent on the Democratic side, he hit the airwaves with a 30-second attack ad that criticized Sestak’s record in the Navy and missed congressional votes the past year. It's called the "No Show Joe" video by PoliticsPA.

In response Sestak has launched a missle from his campaign office, well an ad anyway, tieing Specter to Bush.  The essence of this ad is not Bush but the fact that Specter openly admitted changing parties to save his job. "My changing parties will enable me to be re-elected." Arlen, how is that working out for you?

Funny I thought both are tied to Pelosi and Reid. Sestak knew healtcare reform couldn't pass on its own so he wanted to use parliamentary procedure to bypass true democracy.

“I feel strongly enough in my support for increasing competition in the insurance market that I support the passage of the public option and repeal of the anti-trust trust exemption, using whatever means is necessary, including reconciliation,” Sestak wrote.

As SOP recently reported the only competition might be from state insurance exchange to state insurance exchange if big companies have their way. Of course no one actually read the bill before they passed it so no wonder loopholes abound.

For the rest of us at least there is comfort in Pat Toomey's victory in the general election.  According to this article from Real Clear Politics more than half of Pennsylvanias feel the new healthcare law is bad for the country.

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