Thursday, May 20, 2010

Incumbents Survive In Pennsylvania Despite Specter Loss

Who would believe that two incumbents under indictment in the Bonusgate/Misuse of Taxpayer Funds investigation by AG Tom Corbett would survive their primary challengers. First off it takes chutzpah to run in the face of an indictment. Secondly it is unbelievable that on both sides of the political aisle a Democrat and a Republican would prevail in their races.

In this report from the Pennsylvania Independent ERic Bohem writes State representatives Bill Deweese (D-Greene) and John Perzel (R-Philadelphia) easily survived primary challenges despite the fact that both are under investigation for public corruption.

He also chronicles that Pennsylvania incumbents running to retain their seats in the U.S. House of Representatives had a 100 percent survival rate, and few even faced opposition from within their own party.

It is amazing that corruption is so tolerated in Pennsylvania by both parties. However, the independents didn't have a voice. Couple that fact with an extremely low voter turnout, in some places around 20 percent, and the fall political season may have a few surprises.

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