Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some Number Crunching In The PA 116th And The US 11th

Using this Pennsylvania government website one can ascertain what municipalities comprise a legislative district. Todd Eachus represents the 116th district- Hazleton, Hazle Township, Butler Township, Freeland Boro, Black Creek Township, Conyngham Boro, Foster Township, Jeddo Boro, Sugarlaof Township, West Hazleton Boro, and White Haven Borough.

Gary Visgaitis, graphics artist award winner for the Times Leader put this graph together for his reading audience that lists the voter registrations by municipalities.

The PA 116th voter registration comprises 18,618 Democrats and 11,932 Republicans. According to the Luzerne County vote tally link on the right 30.81 percent of the Democrats registered voted in Luzerne County and 29.81 percent of the Republicans registered voted in this primary.

There is no reason to believe that those percentages varied widely among municipalities. If one multiplies the number of registered voters by the respective percentages that turned out at the polls it tells an interesting tale. Eachus received 3,655 out of the approximately 5,736(18,618 times 30.81 percent or .3081) that cast ballots on the Democratic side or around 63.72 percent. That means that 36 percent of the voters on the Democratic side skipped him on the ballot.

Likewise Tara Toohil, Eachus's opponent in November, received 2,764 out of the approximately 3,512 (11,932 times 29.81 percent or .2981) that cast ballots on the Republican side or around 78.7 percent. For a newcomer only 21 percent skipped her on the ballot.

Those stats spell trouble for the House Majority Leader who should be able to garner a heck of alot more votes due to his leadership position. Of course it is no secret that Eachus lost touch with his constituents and lost their trust with the per diems, owning a second home in Harrisburg, and his association with Robert Powell. His bold move against John Yudichak and extreme loss by Tom Leighton whom he openly supported only spells further erosion of any juice he might have.

It clearly demonstrates he is in trouble in Harrisburg. Bill DeWeese won his renomination bid. Last time we checked DeWeese and Eachus were at each other's throat over lawyer confidentiality in Bonusgate. We're pretty sure Yudichak will be returning to Harrisburg with a few unpleasant memories that he will want to address.

If you really want to see a disturbing number for candidates click on the Lackawanna County link to the right. Out of 40,217 registered Democrats who actually cast ballots in this primary on a total of 24, 122 voted for either Kelly, O'Brien, or Paul Kanjorski. That is an undervote of almost 40 percent.

If you click on the Monroe County link and go down to the "Representative in Congress 11th Congressional District" then click on "View by Precinct" Kanjorski and Barletta's vote count are side by side. Look at the numbers. Paul, things aren't looking too good for you in November.

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