Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Todd Eachus Robo Calls For Tom Leighton

Todd Eachus just left a robo call on the answering machine asking for voters to vote for Tom Leighton. He said he needs a working partner. If John Yudichak wins the nomination today Eachus will need a lot of working partners in Harrisburg. As House Majority Leader how is he going to square up with his caucus that he abandoned a fellow elected representative in favor of a Mayor from Wilkes Barre?

One would think that a Tuesday robo call is in desperation. Anyone in politics knows that voters have their minds made up by now.

Of course Eachus's camp are not the brightest bunch in politics. His assistant circulated and signed petitions for Tom Leighton although he doesn't live in the 14th Senatorial District. The petitions were voided. Shouldn't the House Majority Leader and his staff know the rules about petition circulation?

At a recent rally in Hazle Township attended by Eachus, Paul Kanjorski, and Tom Leighton Eachus made the claim that he cleaned up Harrisburg after the Bonusgate charges came down. Evidently making Bonusgate defendent Bill DeWeese his Whip is the way he sees cleaning things up.

Eachus also paid off Bonusgate convicted Mike Veon's $40,000 campaign debt in 2007.

Isn't there something sardonic in the term "House Cleaning"? Guess it isn't the white glove inspection that matters.

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