Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pa Legislators Introduce Immigration Legislation Similar To Arizona

State Reps. Daryl Metcalfe and Harry Readshaw chose today to announce their promotion of HB 2479 that would allow Pennsylvania to "protect its borders and citizens" by giving local and state police more power to arrest, detain and eventually deport foreigners who have entered the state illegally and don't have proper registration papers.

Tom Barnes of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote that their bill also would create a new third-degree misdemeanor "for illegal aliens who violate federal law by either willfully failing to register as an alien or failing to possess proper proof of such registration when stopped for another primary offense, such as a traffic violation."

The critics are already lining up. It is evident from the article that misinformation abounds about the Arizona law.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to YAW; ORIE, ORIE-MELVIN, CASTILLE, RENDELL'S(?) (shame on him!) Pennsylvania! Holy Ratzingers-Clintons-Obama's repuglocrats! Isn't it time for the GREEN PARTY to invade the judiciary? How many non-democratic and republicans are running for judicial seats? NONE?