Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mini-Stimulus Plan For Scranton Courtesy of Single Tax Office

Remember the $12 million "found" at the Scranton Single Tax Office. Forensic accoutants are happy to report that the money isn't dead. WNEP is carrying a story by Ryan Leckey, that "Twelve million dollars of taxpayer money has been sitting in an account for years and nearly half of it should have gone to communties years ago."

From 1999 to 2008 investigators from a Philadelphia accounting firm said money was mishandled, tax dollars weren't distributed correctly and it made a giant financial mess.

"We have already started, myself and my team, to make corrections when we knew that things needed to be changed, so we're changing it," explained city tax collector Marilyn Vitali Flynn. She took over from Ken McDowell last year when he was elected as the new Lackawanna County controller. "(We are) really working very diligently to makes sure that the people are being treated fairly and with respect and that they money due to them will be there."

The city, county, and school district will be seeing some of the money released in the coming weeks.

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