Monday, March 16, 2009

Look What Happened In The Vince Fumo Trial

It never ceases to amaze the conscious when one reads some action like this in a trial.

Over at Capital Ideas John Micek highlighted a story By Kitty Caparellaof the Philadelphia Daily News on In the trial of Vince Fumo, Fumo's defense is asking the judge to suspend deliberations and investigate a blogging juror.

"STAY TUNED for a big announcement on Monday everyone!"

So wrote a blogging juror who's been deliberating for five days in the public corruption trial of former state Sen. Vincent J. Fumo, in a comment posted Friday on his Facebook Internet profile.

The posting by Juror No. 5 - Eric Wuest of suburban College-ville - raised questions:

Is a verdict imminent? Did Wuest have third-party discussions about the trial as a result of his postings on Facebook and Twitter social networking Internet accounts during the 15-week trial and the ensuing deliberations?

Last night, Fumo defense attorneys NiaLena Caravasos and Peter Goldberger filed an emergency motion seeking an immediate suspension of deliberations so the judge could conduct "a delicate, but probing inquiry" of the juror Wuest's actions.

"Depending on the results, the lawyers wrote, "one or more jurors ought to be removed and possibly replaced."

The motion did not contain the name of the juror, though the names are a matter of public record and the jurors are not sequestered. But based on phrases in the motion, the Daily News found Wuest's Facebook postings.

The newspaper made no attempt to contact the juror.

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