Monday, March 16, 2009

AG Corbett Moves Closer Toward Running For PA Governor

There is this thing about being a governor who cannot seek another term. People want to jump in your grave faster than spit. An anticipated announcement was reported today on

Two-term state Attorney General Tom Corbett has taken his first official step toward a run for governor.

Corbett, 59, a Republican, filed paperwork today to form an exploratory committee after discussions with friends and family, a spokesman said.

"Pennsylvanians are looking for a leader with the experience to create economic opportunities for Pennsylvania families through tax cuts, cutting government waste and spending, reforming state government, and creating good family-sustaining jobs," Corbett said in a statement.

The paperwork filing allows Corbett to begin raising money and hiring staff for the 2010 race.

Corbett also announced members of his exploratory committee, among them some of the most influential names in state Republican politics. They include Bob Asher, Republican national committeeman, and Jack Barbour, CEO-elect of the Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney law firm, as cochairmen of his committee.

Christine Toretti, a Republican national committeewoman, will serve as a finance chairwoman. Sandra Schultz Newman, former Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice, will serve as an honorary chairwoman to the committee.

I believe he will work Bonusgate to victory for Governor. Of course along the way a few other criminal types will make it to the front page.

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Anonymous said...

Corbett has overlooked more crime than he has prosecuted. IMO, Bonusgate is meant to make it appear as though his office is doing something to control political corruption, kinda like when he rolls into town and arrests three weed dealers, and has a press conference to make it seem AG's office is doing something about crime. I shudder to think that guy might be governor.