Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Former Luzerne County Prison Board Members Were Listed As Full Time Employees In Error

Luzerne County Solicitor Vito DeLucca conducted an investigation into the insurance questions over former Luzerne County Prison Board Members Wister Yuhas and Robert Payne. He found that their applications had them listed as full time employees when in fact they were not thus did not qualify for the insurance. They recieved the benefits since 2005.

DeLuca found the misportrayal as part of his investigation into why former board members Wister Yuhas and Robert Payne received the insurance since 2005. Board members who aren’t full-time employees do not qualify for county health insurance.

DeLuca said he will question the board members and former benefits coordinator A.J. Martinelli to determine who completed that portion of the application.

He plans to finish his investigation within a few days and wants to release it to the public, though he must check to make sure it does not contain confidential information.

Martinelli, who is now county acting controller, said he does not remember the specifics of those applications because they date back four years. He said he will cooperate with DeLuca’s investigation.

Yuhas said he does not believe he filled out the full-time box. He said he was in the process of contacting DeLuca to set up an appointment to discuss the matter. Payne could not be reached for comment Monday.

Read the entire story by Jennifer Learn-Andes in today's Times Leader.

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