Thursday, March 19, 2009

PA Turnpike Chairman Receives Notice of Target Letter-"Ghost Employee"

KYNews radio out of Philadelphia is reporting that Mitchell Rubin, Chairman of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has received word from the Feds that he is being investigated in the ongoing probe of corruption related to the Vince Fumo case.

Sources have confirmed that Mitchell Rubin (above), chairman of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, has received a so-called "target" letter, indicating he is a target of the ongoing investigation of corruption related to the Vincent Fumo case.

Federal authorities allege that Rubin, husband of convicted Fumo codefendant Ruth Arnao, was hired by former Pennsylvania state senator Vincent Fumo as a "ghost" employee.

An FBI agent handed the target letter to Rubin in federal court at the conclusion of a forfeiture hearing for Vince Fumo and Arnao. They were convicted of all 139 counts against them, including charges that Fumo paid Rubin $150,000 over five years for a no-show job (separate from his Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission post).

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