Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Feds Took Over Investigation Into Missing Probation Funds

In an article that appeared in today's Citizen's VoiceDave Janoski reported the state Attorney General’s Office has been investigating a case involving money missing from the Luzerne County Adult Probation Office since last summer. Well, that report is not entirely true. The active investigation is only a couple months old.

In this afternoon's update edition of the Times Leader it is reported"

Feds take over investigation into missing Probation funds

WILKES-BARRE - The investigation into possible missing funds in the Luzerne County Adult Probation Department has been turned over to federal authorities, District Attorney Jacqueline Musto Carrol said.

Musto Carrol said she received a letter from the state Office of Attorney General today advising her that office referred the case to the federal government on Feb. 17.

The investigation began last summer after a probation department employee notified her of descrepancies in certain accounts. Musto Carrol declined to comment on the amount of money that is reportedly missing. A source familiar with the investigation said the amount is around $50,000.

Let's revisit a story from February 12, 2008 in the Citizen's Voice.

Muroski and his colleagues assigned Michael Vecchio, the deputy chief of adult probation, to replace Larry Saba as director of probation services on an interim basis. The judges did not name a replacement for the fiscal director, Peter Namowicz.

The continued employment of Saba and Namowicz is “not in the best interest of the court system,” Muroski said in a statement.

In a telephone interview Wednesday, Muroski refused to explain why Saba and Namowicz were terminated.

“Those were personal matters that I am not at liberty to discuss at this time,” Muroski said. “They may have some rights in the matter.”

Muroski would not comment when asked if the dismissal of Saba and Namowicz was connected to the ongoing federal investigation that has produced charges of corruption against Ciavarella, deactivated Senior Judge Michael T. Conahan and suspended Court Administrator William T. Sharkey Sr.

Hmmmmm...interesting to say the least but I should be clear. Neither has been charged to date.

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