Friday, March 20, 2009

Two Hazleton Area Hispanic Leaders Removed From Hazleton Area School District Ballot

Luzerne County President Judge Chester B. Muroski in separate court orders removed two Hazleton Area Hispanic leaders(self-proclaimed) from the ballot for a seat on the Hazleton Area School Board.

Elaine Curry, outgoing school director,(it is more than rumored) immediately cried "Racism" after a work session over this development. According to some individuals in attendance, she was visibly annoyed and was described as acting like a child with her comments and actions.

According to writers for the Standard Speaker, Ms. Curry contends the community and local elected officials should’ve embraced Hazleton Area’s first Hispanic candidates — rather than engage in “utterly disgraceful” politics.

“It is so obvious to everyone that this dirty-tricks mentality was orchestrated by a combination of current board members and those willing to do anything to get a seat on the board,” she said Thursday night. “It’s utterly disgraceful. As far as I know, this was the first time there were two Hispanics running for school board. Instead of helping them to contribute, we find technicalities to get them knocked off the ballot.”

Contrast her politcial and childish rhetoric with the gentleman like attitudes of the potential candidates who were stricken from the ballot.

After the hearing, Lopez said the hearing came down to a missed deadline.

“I am disappointed, but I understand that the judge had to rule it that way,” Lopez said. “He couldn’t have any leeway in the time aspect. That’s a rule. We didn’t fulfill a rule.”

Arroyo said the success of a writing campaign hinges on how well the community is acquainted with the electronic voting machines.

He said the court ruling fuels his desire to run for public office.

“It makes me stronger than I was before in my decision to keep running for the school board or maybe another public office in the future,” Arroyo said.

Let's examine Ms. Curry's position. Many people from all over this state have been removed from the ballot for the exact same reason. However, if you use her pandering philosophy it appears Hispanics should be held to a different standard than the rest of the country. Her statements hurt their cause and damage relations between the Hispanic community and the area at large. She proclaims and protests so loudly that the color of skin is the motivation behind the effort to remove Arroyo and Lopez from the ballot she ignores logical reason. No, Elaine, untimely filing is the motivation, plain and simple.

"Instead of helping them to contribute." Elaine, did you have the election fixed, opps sorry a crystal ball, that you propone they would win? Pragmatists know that even if they made it to the ballot there was no guarantee of a win.

The public should applaud Arroyo and Lopez for recognizing the rules and abiding by them. Likewise the public needs to decry Elaine Curry's attempt to evade the laws of the land and the Constitution of the United States and sully the reputation of school directors, the potential candidates, as well as the President Judge of Luzerne County. Elaine, were you calling Judge Muroski a racist when you made that statement due to his ruling?

In examining the record on this issue it leads to more questions.

School Director Carmella Yenkevich said she noticed that both names were not among the list of contenders who met the deadline for filing financial documents.

Yenkevich, however, said she wasn’t about to make an issue of it.

After the school board adjourned from a public meeting Thursday, Yenkevich and Curry called on Business Manager Anthony Ryba to disclose who inquired about the status of financial disclosure filings with the district.

Ryba said that school directors Sean Shamany and Tony Bonomo “called to see who submitted forms.”

“Then (Harkins’) attorney comes,” Curry snapped back.

Elaine, why didn't you make sure the candidates you were backing knew the rules? In races throughout Luzerne County newcomers have entered the world of politics. Many were guided by experienced office holders and political leaders on the process. In your haste to encourage their run did you forget to be a good mentor and do follow ups to avoid embarassment? Did you show them the cross filing process???

Ignacio Beato had his financial statement in on time for a position on the ballot for Hazleton City Council. What did he know that the other two were not privy to?

Not only were Arroyo and Lopez removed fromthe ballot, six of ten county candidates have been removed from the ballot. Were is your protest, Elaine? Is it because the color of skin does matter?

Elaine, let's educate you. Facts are stubborn things: and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.- John Adams 1770

Politics is the life blood of democracy. To call politics "dirty" is to call democracy "dirty."- Nelson Rockefeller 1962

When people lose respect for one bad law, it is but a short step before they include the good laws with the bad and shortly in rebellion against all law.- Oscar Underwood 1928

Free government has no greater menace than disrespect for authority and continual violation of law. It is the duty of a citizen not only to observe the law but to let it be known that he is opposed to its violation.- Calvin Coolidge July 27, 1920

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