Sunday, March 22, 2009

Is It Time For A Term Limits Push?

Over at I came across a post from 2007. Due to Vince Fumo's conviction I think it is worth a repost. I have high respect and regard for John Yudichak before I read this post.

Terms Limits February 2 2007
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John Yudichak, the best lawmaker in Northeast PA, has made a great proposal, term limits on legislative leadership.

“Legislative leaders who hold the reins of power from decade to decade … can easily fall victim to errors of human nature and become insulated from public opinion and sound judgment,”

The tendency for House leaders to become entrenched in their posts is a key reason reform has been slow to arrive in the General Assembly, according to Mr. Yudichak. Leaders resistant to change often wield their powers as “insurmountable impediments to meaningful reform,” he said.

I personally know Yuddy (I have affectionatelygiven him a cool nickname) from my time in NEPA, and I can testify that he is an honest hardworking public servant.he voted no on the pay raise, and he has been declining most if not all of the perks since 1998.

The folks over at PAWatercooler do a great job.

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