Saturday, March 14, 2009

Democrats Show The Definition of Ridiculous

As the saga continues over legal files and the House Democratic Caucus OUR bills are piling up. Yes, you and me, the Pennsylvania taxpayer. The judge in the case scolded both sides over this wasteful litigation according to this article that appeared in the Post-Gazette.

Dauphin County Judge Lawrence Clark also scolded both sides yesterday for already spending over $1 million in public funds for lawyers' fees, during a serious economic recession when many people are losing their jobs or homes. The fees are the result of a criminal investigation into bonuses prosecutors say were given to employees for campaign work, which would be illegal.

"Our state and nation are going through some tough times," the judge said. "The confidence of the average citizen in government has been diminished. What is the message to the people who are paying the bill for this?"

Now the ridiculous part. Look at how many attorneys are involved.

As seven lawyers representing various House leaders looked on, Judge Clark compared legislative Democrats to a "large family," and noted that big families sometimes have squabbles.

But in this case taxpayers are picking up the tab, he said. So far, $1.3 million has been paid to Mr. Chadwick. Another $150,000 or more will be paid to attorney Chris Casey of Philadelphia, who represents current House Majority Leader Todd Eachus of Luzerne.

Mr. Casey himself was represented yesterday by two other lawyers from his firm, and Mr. Chadwick had his own lawyer. Other House members or staffers were represented by two other attorneys. They may all seek to be paid with public funds.

You have lawyers representing lawyers. But remember Eachus hired Casey to conduct a "top-to-bottom review" of the House Democratic Caucus and recommend changes to make it more efficient.

The review, which will be conducted by former Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher Casey, will try to eliminate "government duplication, waste and inefficiencies" that citizens demand during difficult economic times, Eachus said in a press release obtained before distribution by Todd, do you remember telling the public that?

If you want to read some favorite theories on the reason for the Eachus/DeWeese slugfest look at Captain Renault's post on the topic. The Captain also has links to the court documents.

The Eachus/Casey Complaint
The Eachus/Casey Motion for Injunction
The Eachus/Casey Legal Memorandum

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