Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Senator Mellow How About A Mini-Stimulus

Some people fly under the radar. Let's take a look at who donated to Senator Mellow in 2008. According to the state's webstie there were 878 donors. I believe there are 12 million people in Pennsylvania.

If you want to see how much political committees gave take a look at these that made the over $250.00 list.

Cycle 1 with 12 donors for $22,200.00

Cycle 2 with 1 donor for $280.00

Cycle 3 with 7 donors-$10,500.00

Cycle 4 with 60 donors-$48,525.00

Cycle 5 with 28 donors-$43,350.00

Cycle 6 with 15 donors-$36,250.00

Cycle 7 with 15 donors-$36,250.00

I chose Senator Mellow because the Blue Cross board he sits on has a sizable surplus of money. Acoording to Michelle Davidson, Blue Cross of NEPA spokesperson, this Blue is sitting on a $370 million dollar surplus. The state is sitting on $436 million of casino money earmarked for property tax reduction. And Obama said Congress needed to pass an economic stimulus. I found almost $800 million just by surfing the net.

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