Sunday, October 26, 2008

Paul Kanjorski Will Sell You A Set of Encyclopedias

Paul Kanjorski admitted to "stretching the facts" in an attempt to win an election. Ed Mitchell's strategy to attack Lou Barletta over healthcare is a perfect example. His salted distortion of Lou Barletta's position begs correction.

I attended a seminar on Friday. One of the lecturers was talking about Medicare. Here is her analogy to demonstrate what is wrong with government run programs.

"I sell encyclopedias. I come to your house, knock on your door, and tell you that I have a set of encyclopedias that cost $500.00. You tell me that you can't afford them and close the door.

I come back the next day to your house, knock on your door, and tell you that I have a set of encyclopedias that cost $500.00. Only this time I tell you that the government will pay for the set of encyclopedias. You know you are going to say "if the government is willing to pay sure I will take them."

How many people on medical assistance go to emergency rooms for routine medical condtitions, the common cold for example? It is a fact that people are acutely aware to cost but the government hasn't figured out that out. Look at the price of Lasik surgery as an example. When the consumer shops around competition works the way it was designed. Its price has declined over the last several years.

With government and insurance companies setting the reimbursement rates for physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers why does the price go up each year? It isn't due to a rate increase. Reimbursement rates have declined. Where is the money going? More and more people are using the service because they don't have to pay the full rate.

Here is what happened to the Medicare program. When it was first proposed the scope of coverage was limited. It also assumed that retirees wouldn't live that into their 90's. Along the way coverage was expanded. Liver transplants are now covered which is no cheap procedure. Read Lou Barletta's comments from the Pocono Record.

"I remain opposed to government-run universal health care, which is the question I was answering in the quote my opponent has taken out of context in this ad," Barletta said in a written statement Monday. "The federal government is the main culprit for the current financial, energy and health care crises. Do we really want to give it more control? Besides, if we think there is an illegal immigration problem now, just try to control the border once we announce free health care for everyone."

But Barletta says he supports current government health programs, such as the Veterans Administration program covering those who served in the U.S. armed forces.

"I remain a staunch supporter of veterans and the VA health care system," he wrote. "Just last week I was endorsed by the National Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Coalition."

Kanjorski said during an appearance Monday in East Stroudsburg, "I don't do the ads," and he wasn't familiar with the specific ad content. But he defended the ad's assertion that Barletta is opposed to government health care programs of any kind.

"He's taking the philosophical position he wants the government out of health care," Kanjorski said. "Then any health care business the government's in, you're saying you're against it." - If that isn't stretching the facts then I missed something.

Paul, be honest with the people. You are an attorney. Well I guess I just contradicted myself. From your ad- "I am Paul Kanjorski and I approve this message." You really want to tell the people you aren't familiar with its content. Have at it but I don't think that record will play in a CD player.

If you don't know the difference between government funded programs and government actually in the business of healthcare then you need to vacate your congressional space.

Universal healthcare is wrong for this country for many reasons. I know people think that everyone should be entitled to healthcare, something I not opposed to but know that what is being said and what it actually means are two different things. Its my business. Universal healthcare would NOT mean the same healtcare options for all. There would be elitist healthcare and entry level healthcare; no different than what is happening today.

Paul, tell the people about your triple bypass surgery. You went to Boston for the procecdure at Brigham and Women's Hospital. You recouperated at Bethesda Naval Hospital. Most people I know have to recoup at home. Their insurance will not pay for a rehab stay.

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