Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Paul Kanjorski Should Concede This Election Now

The Voter Survey Service wrote that Lou Barletta may be the best positioned GOP candidate in the nation on June 17, 2008.

"In the poll, Lou’s image in the district is nothing short of excellent – a 59 to 13 ratio in positive to negative name ID, which really shows how much people admire and respect him since he stood up for his small, coal mining town of Hazleton (of which he has been their mayor for years) and passed the anti-immigration ordinance he believes is critical to help stop the bleeding in his crime-invested, cash and service-strapped city. In the poll, only 39% believe Kanjorski deserves reelection, while 45% say it’s time to give a new person a chance, and Lou holds a 5-point 47/42 lead over Kanjorski if the election were held today. Clearly this drives home the point that Lou is “in the hunt”.

If you look at this image from a Times Leader article on October 8, 2008 you will see how Barletta's chances have improved since that analysis.

"The poll, conducted by Susquehanna Polling and Research, shows Kanjorski’s negatives reaching all-time highs while his “re-elect” numbers reach new depths."

It is a fact that Paul Kanjorski has trailed Lou Barletta in every poll since the primary results, notwithstanding those bogus DCCC polls where they hid the data from the public.

Paul Kanjorski has chosen the extrememly negative route calling Lou Barletta a liar. The Kanjorski campaign is courting at least once lawsuit over the content of its commercial talking about toxic waste. The media has been contacted to take the commercial down due to its blatant false content. Another lawsuit is looming over the content of the latest aired commercial. Anyone who knows politics knows these are acts of desperation that precede defeat.

Paul Kanjorski and Company, in selfishness, are ruining the reputation of large employers in his district to win an election. He admits "stretching the facts" over Iraq and now has stooped to a new low. He is affecting families, friends, and business relationships by throwing moral dignity to the wind. How can he claim to be for working families and protection of their jobs when he is attacking over 1500 employees involved in these ads? How can he talk about family values when he is affecting each and every member of these families? Kanjorski only concerned himslef with the owners of the companies involved without caring about the fallout to their workers.

Paul, you should do the honorable thing for once and concede you lost this election. You should apologize to each and every family affected by your commercials.

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