Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kanjorski's False Issues and Smear Tactics Part 2

Kanjorski recently aired a new ad first viewed on WNEP-TV 16 making some claims that are blatantly false. The ad concerns the sale of Interstate Road Marking Corporation to DeAngelo Brothers Inc.(DBI), a corporation.

The ad asks the question "Would you sell you company for millions to a company owned by people once entangled in a cocaine distribution ring?" The ad has Lou Barletta's picture with the statement "Lou Barletta Did" under it.

First False Statement. Lou Barletta never owned Interstate Road Marking Corporation(IRM). IRM was owned by Lou Barletta's wife, MaryGrace, as a Women-Owned Business Enterprise(WBE). One of the requirements for ownership include "the distribution of risks and profits must substantiate that the minorities and/or women applying for certification really own the business." As I stated, Lou Barletta never owned any part of IRM. His capacity in the company was an employee. The last time I checked Mary Grace Barletta is not running for office.

Earlier in the year Kanjorski's camp tried to say that MaryGrace was treasurer of Interstate Road Marking. An error on the part of the Department of State mistakenly listed MaryGrace as treasurer. As you can see from the link that error has been corrected.

Second False Statement: It should also be pointed out that the Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled there never was any "cocaine ring" as alleged in the ad. "This evidence demonstrates that Belletiere on one occasion sold drugs to Forte in a deal also involving the DeAngelo brothers. It does not show that Belletiere exerted leadership, control or influence over Forte or the DeAngelo brothers on this or any other occasion, or that these people were "answerable" to Belletiere in any way. The offense was a simply buyer/seller drug transaction. "The evidence, however, clearly shows that Belletiere made a series of unrelated drug sales to these people that constituted separate offenses for purposes of section 3B1.1(a). None of the buyers were "led" or "organized" by, nor "answerable" to, the defendant."

Later in the ad it states "Barlettas receive up to $100,000 a year from DBI."

Third Misleading Statement. This statement is know as lying by ommission. "One lies by omission by omitting an important fact, deliberately leaving another person with a misconception." The money received by the Barlettas is rent for the physical location and property where the IRM operations are located in Hazleton. The Barlettas still own the property but Mary Grace sold HER business to DBI.

As an incidental to that property, the Barletta's donated a portion of their holdings to the Helping Hands Society so the organization could build a playground for special needs children.

The ad goes on to state "And his campaign still takes thousands from the company's owners."

Paul, let's talk about IRM vs. Cornerstone Technologies. Since the purchase of IRM by DBI the company has added 3 new offices and 90 employees. When Cornerstone received almost $10 million dollars from the taxpayers of the United States we are still looking for 2 pumps,all the money is GONE and so are the employees' jobs. One employee, Marian Mazurkiewicz, is listed as a creditor with a loss of $600,000.00.

You say you did nothing wrong. You violated the public trust. As a lawyer I would expect your response. As a citizen I loath it.

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