Monday, October 6, 2008

Paul Kanjorski loves Lehman Brothers

During hearings into the financial crisis on Captial Hill it was revealed that Richard Fuld, former CEO of the now defunct Lehman Brothers defended the $484 million dollars he received in salary, bonus, and stock options since 2000. The poor slug owns a mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut, an ocean front estate on Jupiter Island, Florida, a ski chalet in Idaho, and a Manhattan apartment. With the collapse of Lehman Brothers he wants us to feel for him because his fortune has dwindled to a mere $350 million. Remember Paul Kanjorski who was in such a hurry to get that "Failout" passed in Congress.

According to Paul Kanjorski received $4,000.00 from the Lehman Brothers PAC alone this year. In 2004 Kanjorski received a token $1,000.00 donation. How much influence do you think they were trying to buy this year?

At the same time Lehman Brothers was asking for a "failout" from Washington three top executives were trying to walk away with $20 million in departure compensation. These actions occured four days before the firm filed for bankruptcy.

It amazes me how the Democratic party keeps talking about greedy executives and villifying the Republicans in the process. It appears those greedy executives are supporting the Democrats including Paul Kanjorski. So I guess to Paul they can't be all that bad. But lets not forget to the average Joe Six Pack they have rightfully earned the title "greedy."

People are going to get laid off from work, the economy is tanking as we speak, and all Paul can do is say "That's right. I've been watching this disaster, if you will, unfold for probably two years now, and particularly since last August -- not this immediate past August, but the August before that, when the subprime mortgage problem was created." Paul, you should do the honorable thing and resign to save yourself the embarassment of being a 24 year incumbent who had his head handed to him on a silver platter engraved with names like Lehman Brothers, New Century Financial, AIG, and Bear Sterns. After all you did say you "watched" didn't you? And you honestly don't believe this problem only started two years ago?

Mr. Kanjorski, you are incapable of thinking, incapable of governing, and incapable of telling the truth. You did admit to stretching the facts to win an election. Its good to see you haven't changed your stripes.

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