Thursday, October 16, 2008

Paul Kanjorski Is Afraid To Face Lou Barletta

In today's edition of the Pocono Record it is reporting that Paul Kanjorski skipped out on a scheduled forum sponsored by the Monroe County NAACP and the ESU chapter of the American Democracy Project. My peer over at Political Rants posted a press release yesterday from Lou Barletta's campaign. The release asked the question "Why is Paul Kanjorski afraid of Lou Barletta?" An event organizer said that Kanjorski cancelled his appearance as a protest to that letter, not Zen's post but the letter itself.

"The congressman is going to be attending an event (Wednesday night) with Sen. (Bob) Casey," Kanjorski campaign manager Joe Werner said when questioned by a reporter. "It was a last-minute conflict. Evidently the people of Monroe County, and in particular the students at East Stroudsburg University, don't mean enough to Paul Kanjorski. Senator Bob Casey was more important. Life is about choices and Paul Kanjorski made his, albeit a bad one.

"It's not a matter of avoidance," Werner said when pressed for an explanation. Read the letter at Zen's Political Rants and judge for yourselves.

Werner didn't explain to the audience the reason for Kanjorski's absence. Event moderator Ron Byrd, who is NAACP chapter vice president, noted the lack of an explanation and cut off Werner's presentation.

"The congressman should have been here to make his own speech so your time is up," Byrd told him. "You said you wanted to make a statement and what you've done is make a campaign speech."

First Paul Kanjorski made sure he bailed out his financial friends then he made sure he bailed on the people of Monroe County.

A poster on the Pocono Record's comments on the story had this to say about the event. "I had the pleasure of attending this "debate" last night at ESU. Nice turnout and pretty informative to me. Though I am a Democrat, I came away very impressed with Lou Barletta. I thank the NAACP and ESU Democracy Project for organizing this meeting. I for one left out knowing that for the first time in my life, I will cross party lines and vote for a Republican. I have compared the candidates and in my heart I know LOU BARLETTA is the best candidate for us at this time. And though I am a big Obama supporter, I will make sure all 3000 people on my email list know what happened last night and what a wonderful candidate Lou Barletta is. I was super impressed!!!"

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Michael Ejercito said...

This is bad for Kanjorski, since he is trailing Barletta.

Still, he would be a much better presidential nominee than Obama- or even McCain.