Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kanjorski's False Issues and Smear Tactics Part 1

First Truth About Waste At Dredge Site

"Wood and metal found at a proposed amphitheater site being reclaimed by Hazleton Creek Properties belongs in a landfill for construction and demolition waste, a state inspector told the company.

After finding more than 100 tons of unpermitted material at the site in Hazleton last week, an inspector told the company to remove it, Mark Carmon of the state Department of Environmental Protection said.

By Tuesday, a railcar returned the wood and metal to New Jersey, Carmon said."

Second Truth About Waste

"Earlier this month, DEP issued a formal violation notice to Hazleton Creek for unloading unauthorized waste at the site. Inspectors found eight to 10 piles of wood, brick, mortar and scrap metal that had been unloaded from rail cars."

Listen to Kanjorski's commercial alleging that "Lou Barletta is pocketing campaign contributions from developers dumping contaminated Philadelphia sludge in Hazleton. Waste so polluted and unauthorized the state issued a violation for unloading it at the site."

How is wood and metal polluted waste? It is construction waste, plain and simple. The violation was unloading unathorized debris in the form of wood and metal. It wasn't spread at the site. It was quarantined and then removed.

Now lets address the "Contaminated Philadelphia Sludge"??: DEP Approves Hazleton Creek’s Use of Regulated Fill at Mine Reclamation Site "The Department of Environmental Protection has approved Hazleton Creek Properties LLC’s general permit to use regulated fill for construction activities at a land reclamation project in Hazleton, Luzerne County.

The company’s proposal meets DEP’s strict regulations and includes conditions to ensure the safe and effective use of this material in construction,” DEP Northeast Regional Director Michael Bedrin said."

The site-specific general permit authorizes Hazleton Creek Properties to use regulated fill, including dredged material, in access road construction, rail infrastructure construction, utility relocation and permitted facility construction, and as use for sub-base for future parking areas that also will serve as a cap on old landfill areas.

Regulated fill is soil, rock, stone, dredged material, used asphalt, historic fill and brick, block or concrete from construction and demolition activities."

Another press release on the subject.

So I ask the questions, Paul why didn't you tell the truth and why did you smear William Rinaldi, his employees, and his business?? You didn' t only lose your image; you lost your moral values.


Zen said...

nice piece!!

McGruff said...

Thanks! There's more to come. Kanjorski has been sent two cease and desist letters so far, not from Lou, but from the parties who have been maligned.