Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Desperate Tactics From The Kanjorski Campaign

What we are witnessing in the Pennsylvania 11th Congressional District race are two campaigns; Lou Barletta with a steadfast strategy and Kanjorski so desperate he has exited the tracks of honor and taken a path of destructive smears that transcend the journey into "hate politics." They are referred to as the "Vice" of campaign tactics salted with distortions and innuendos. Desperate campaigns do the most desperate acts. Some campaigns are dirty but Kanjorski decided to take it to “dirtier.”

Paul Kanjorski decided to change the focus from the issues that should decide this election to false issues, smear tactics and misleading political cutouts that omit important facts. Kanjorski is concerned because he cannot justify his congressional actions to the people of the 11th District, the Failout representing the most recent dementia of judgment. Kanjorski lacks the character to say no to Ed Mitchell, his media advisor when he starts the false smears. Smear campaigns are the last effort of failing political campaigns.

The polls are correct. Kanjorski is struggling to find traction in the political landscape so he is forced to rely on sleazy, despicable campaign tactics just so as to stay competitive. Expect anything from Ed Mitchell because Paul Kanjorski does not have the character to say no. The people of the 11th district deserve character and honor, not deceit and deception. Lou Barletta had the guts to stand up for what he believes in no matter how you feel about his positions. He took on a federal judge, Harrisburg, and Washington to help his community.

The public should erupt into total condemnation of Can-jorski’s tactics because no bad tactics are ever needed for a good cause. There is no surprise in the path Ed Mitchell has chosen since they follow a pattern witnessed in prior elections. What I find horrible is the aim for which he is employing such tactics, namely to get a person re-elected to the Congress of the United States. Paul Can-Jorski may think he appreciates but really doesn't understand the honor it means to be a member of Congress. He would put this election above the commercials.

Winning this campaign is now totally out of Kanjorski’s own hands. His erratic actions during this campaign are the foundation of his defeat. We teach our children that winning isn’t everything because it is not that you won or lost, it is how you played the game. Evidently Paul Can-jorski decided he is in a game of gutterball.

My next post will address the specifics of my allegations with proof that Can-jorski’s ads are false and misleading. Remember, Paul, I am on the inside, and that is a terrible place to be for the person who is on the outside.

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