Monday, October 20, 2008

Paul Kanjorski Disrepects Veterans

In this town hall meeting held in Ashley last year a veteran was pleading with Paul Kanjorski over his problems receiving benefits and helping veterans in general. What does Paul Kanjorski do? He takes a phone call from the White House. You will see his Chief of Staff, Karen Feathers interrupt the Congressman while NOT listening to a veteran. It is very clear to me that Paul Kanjorski supports President Bush and jumps to the phone any time he receives a call from George W.

If you check into history Paul Kanjorski makes another false claim to helping veterans. The VA hospital in Wilkes Barre was never on a list to be closed. Yet, Paul lies to veterans when he states he fought to keep it open.

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Zen said...

not shocking in the least. The hunchback of naticoke has proven himself to be a thoroughly disreputable man. Whatever good he did for this area will be far overshadowed by the nearly $13 million of our tax dollars that he gave to his family among other dubious behavior. His most recent attack ad on Barletta syas that a panel found no wrong doing on his part over the Cornerstone crap. Must be nice to be investigated by your cronies.