Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kanjorski Stuck At 35% Re-elect

In a new Franklin and Marshall poll Paul Kanjorski is stuck in the mud at 35% re-elect. The poll shows Barletta leads 40-35 even though the new poll has a larger Democrat sample size than normal.

Kanjorski negatives are still fatally low for a 24 year incumbent and 4 months and $4million dollars of ads have not done much to change the dynamic of this race.

Vince Galko, Campaign Manager for Lou Barletta has this to say:

“This is very encouraging news for the people of Northeast PA. Mr. Kanjorski is being rejected by two thirds of the voters in the 11th Congressional District. Lou Barletta will continue to work hard to earn every vote.

Despite what Kanjorski says, he has been at or under 35% for nearly four months. He and his friends have spent $4million attacking Lou Barletta since June. The voters identify with Lou Barletta and they are embarrassed by Mr. Kanjorski’s record. If the Kanjorski campaign spins any harder they may strike oil. Nevertheless, this will be a close race and we are not letting up one bit.”

Ed Micthell and Paul Kanjorski have been trying to convince America that Lou Barletta's polls are not accurate. On October 10, 2008 Mitchell and Kanjorski had their goons at the DCCC released a poll claiming Kanjo was up by 8 percentage points.

Life is a Highway will have meaning in this campaign. Lets move on the media highway from the Times Leader over to the Scranton Times Tribune where Borys Krawczeniuk (pronounced CROUCH-enyook, that's why we just call him "Borys")writes "The Borys Blog." Read this post dated June 16, 2008. The post wasn't flattering to Lou Barletta but one would expect that from the left wing Tribune. However, there was one statement in the post that is germane to this article- "As a matter of policy, Mr. Mitchell never releases any details of Mr. Kanjorski's polls." Right on Ed. But the DCCC will do your dirty work for you.

The public has had enough of Porky Kanjorski and Ed Mitchell. Their antics have planted the seeds of implosion. And the crops are coming home.

The exorbitant amount of money being spent on Kanjorski's behalf by the DCCC and PACS demonstrates that to Mitchell and Kanjorski it's all about money buying the office; nothing about who may be the better person to represent us.

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